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The SporT-Tact line also offers a Multi-Caliber Rifle System that allows mix and match of several calibers into any desired system required.  We refer to these as “Insert Rifles”; unlike other multi-Caliber systems the SporT-Tact multi-caliber can be changed in less than one minute with NO head space check or barrel separation from the receiver; all mechanicals and ergonomic stock considerations are kept separate from each other.

Our current system included a semi-automatic M14, 308 Precision Bolt Rifle with 17” barrel and a 338 Norma Suppressed Precision Bolt Rifle with a 27” barrel. All three insert rifles fit the common chassis and scope system and can be carried in a case 30” in length.

The patented trunnion pin & plate system assures exact zero-retention of any insert rifle. The large chassis opening can even house some semi-automatic rifles offered today including gas piston M4/AR-15 rifles and M14 rifles. Butt-Stock and For-End treatments will be introduced over the year following the systems release and will offer several themes from target through tactical including complete wood systems for a traditional hunting rifle approach.

The Multi-Caliber Rifle System allows mix and match of several calibers into any desired system required.

The insert rifle employs a dedicated action block to its receiver and barrel and has common trunnion mounting to the center section opening. The system will be offered as a commercial chassis for Remington and Savage Rifles that will allow you to immediately upgrade your existing rifle battery or create your own personal Multi-Caliber System.

The MULTI-CALIBER Rifle chassis system can be built for Savage and Remington rifles as well as the M14 with a myriad of options please call AM Products Customer care or consult

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